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Choose the desired formats for your ad set – from social media posts to display banners and more, and with a mere click, watch as Format-Extender generates a cohesive ad set that spans across multiple platforms and channels.

Create full campaign sets, easily.

With Format-Extender, crafting full campaign sets becomes a breeze. From social media ads to banners, flyers, and more, our user-friendly tool empowers you to create a cohesive and impactful campaign that resonates with your audience across various channels. Maximize your campaign's reach and effectiveness, all with the ease of Format-Extender's streamlined ad creation process.

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Change the original design and update your format extensions, easily.

Updating your original design project and re-running the Format-Extender becomes a seamless process. No need to start from scratch – with a few adjustments, you can effortlessly generate an extensive range of ad formats. From minor updates to complete overhauls, Format-Extender's versatility ensures quick adaptation to changing marketing needs, allowing you to explore countless formats without any hassle

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Be brand consistent by using the same base design project.

Format Extender's cohesive design approach reinforces your brand message and values, creating a seamless experience for your audience across different platforms. Establish a strong and consistent brand presence with ease, and let your message resonate clearly with Format-Extender's brand-focused ad creation.

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In three simple steps

Unlock the full potential of Format-Extender and effortlessly create an engaging and cohesive ad set that captivates your audience and drives remarkable results.


Select your design project

Start by choosing your preferred design project as the foundation for your ad set. Whether it's an eye-catching social media post, an attention-grabbing banner, or any other design project you have in mind, simply select it from our diverse library of templates.


Choose your formats

Next, explore a wide array of formats to extend your ad set's reach and impact. From various social media platforms to display banners, flyers, and more, effortlessly select the formats that align with your marketing objectives and target audience.


Choose which ones to save, edit, or use Design Help

With your ad set formats ready, decide how you want to proceed. Save the designs that are perfect as they are, edit others to fine-tune specific elements, or opt for design help from our experts to perfect your creations. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your ad set according to your preferences and needs, ensuring that your campaign truly stands out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own design project as the base for the ad set?

Absolutely! Format-Extender allows you to upload your own design project to serve as the foundation for your ad set. Simply select your custom design, and our tool will seamlessly extend it into various formats for your campaign.

How many ad formats can I choose from in Format-Extender?

Format-Extender offers a wide selection of ad formats to cater to diverse marketing needs. You can choose from an extensive range, including social media posts, display banners, flyers, and many more – ensuring your ad set covers various platforms and channels.

Can I make further edits to the extended ad formats after using Format-Extender?

Absolutely! After using Format-Extender to generate your ad set, you have full control over the designs. Feel free to make additional edits, adjustments, and customizations to ensure each format perfectly aligns with your branding and marketing requirements.

Still got questions?

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