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AI is revolutionizing the design landscape, sparking debates on whether it will replace designers and creative professionals. While designers today have access to fantastic tools, mastering design still demands years of honing their skills and creativity. Generative AI has the potential to transform the creative process, not by replacing designers but by empowering them with newfound confidence and productivity.

Embrace AI as a powerful ally. They can provide us with ideas we didn’t think of. They are an excellent tool for creative discovery and exploration and at Coolab.ai, they can design for you. You come up with the narrative. Our AI does the rest. Think about it, art is about asking questions. Design is about providing solutions. You inputting a prompt is art and our AI generating an output is design. This is the perfect collaboration of art and design.

You simply provide a prompt and adjust settings to generate captivating images. The possibilities are endless, and the collaboration between human creativity and AI is set to redefine the future of design. Let’s discuss the most important properties of this scenario:

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A prompt is a text string that we submit to the system so that it can create an image for you. This could be a simple idea, theme, or concept that you want to bring to life through design. Clearly outline your vision, objectives, and any specific requirements. Generally, the more specific details you provide, the better results the system will generate for you.

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Next, let the magic of generative AI work its wonders. Utilize Coolab.ai to generate various design options based on your input. Watch as our AI bring your ideas to life with its creative capabilities, exploring different visual possibilities.

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Review the design options provided by our AI and fine-tune them to your liking. Use your creative eye and expertise to make any necessary adjustments, ensuring the designs align perfectly with your vision and brand identity.

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After refining the designs to perfection, you're all set to finalize and utilize them in your projects. Easily export the finished designs, perfectly suited for various platforms like social media, marketing materials, packaging, and beyond. With the prompt-to-design process successfully completed, you've seamlessly given life to your ideas, transforming them into captivating visuals that captivate and motivate your audience. Get ready to make a powerful impact with your stunning designs!

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Once you've completed the previous steps, it's time to enhance your design by sourcing various visuals that evoke the same feel. Remember the rule of thirds; it guides the viewer's focus to the main focal point and allows you to include 3 to 5 additional visuals that captivate the audience. Then, arrange the five-step output in reverse order, and compile them in a document using the same design language you've established.

Take this design a step further. Illustrate how your brand manifests itself in social media ads, marketing brochures, and even packaging. Coolab.ai offers an incredible AI tool that can adapt your design to any format, and you can even add original product photos if desired. Store these creations in a brand folder, and you'll have everything you need for any brand communication requirement. Simply begin with these meticulously crafted templates, and you'll always stay true to your brand, captivating your audience every time. Get ready to make your brand shine with Coolab.ai!

what would you like to design?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Premium Membership, and how do I obtain credits from it?

Our Premium Membership is a subscription-based plan that offers exclusive benefits, including credits that unlock advanced features. To access credits, simply sign up for our Premium Membership, and you'll receive a designated amount of credits as part of your subscription. These credits can be used to take advantage of various premium services within our platform.

Can I use the credits from the Premium Membership for all services?

Yes, the credits you receive from the Premium Membership can be utilized for all available services, including "Re-Use and Regenerate Existing Designs," "Organize with Workspaces," and "Brand Room." You have the flexibility to allocate your credits based on your specific design needs and preferences.

Is the feature available to all users, or is it exclusive to the Premium Membership?

The feature "Re-Use and Regenerate Existing Designs" and its related services, such as "Organize with Workspaces" and "Brand Room," are accessible exclusively to users with a Premium Membership. This premium offering ensures that our members enjoy a superior design experience with access to a range of advanced tools and benefits.

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