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Pro makes it easy for individuals to take their designs to a professional level and deliver them. Easily.

Limitless possibilities in making cool 2d & 3d design radically easier, and intuitive. Use premium features like brand rooms, design assistance, ultra resolutions and way way more.

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/ten thousand ways to start

Access top designer templates

  • - Top designer templates
  • - For all types of applications
  • - Get started instantly
  • - unlocked access to upcoming designers

/design style

a powerful engine to get you designing

  • - Early access to designer template drops
  • - On-demand designer help 24/7
  • - On-demand brand strategy coach
  • - Access to experimental and AI features

/content from every multiverse

bringing in content from everywhere

  • - Import your brand from pdfs, pptx, and way more
  • - Huge stock image library
  • - 3D avatars and characters to elevate your design
  • - Brand Room to help you organize and share content

/premium design assistance from our team

guaranteed project completion

  • - Creative briefs to help you hire a designer for your project
  • - Hire a designer to give you a hand whenever you need it
  • - Unlocked request-a-content service
  • - Unlocked request-a-template service

Top designer templates.

Next-gen design engine.

Tons and tons of content.

On-hand designer help.

Out-design your competition.
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free forever

enable everyone to create GOOD graphics easily using 2D and 3D content

$0 USD


Enable you to:

  • 100% Free highly differentiated and customizable designer templates
  • Free curated Ai-generated 2D images
  • Templates covering all applications
  • Free curated stock photos Access to free virtual human models to use
  • Import and customize 3D avatars and 3D objects
  • Up to 5 projects for free members
  • Access to exclusive guide to metaverse design education
  • Access to campaign view (in development)
  • watermarks (???)
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pro members

for professionals, teams, and supporters who want unlimited access to next-gen content, superior design styles, and full design support.

$10 USD

/month, paid annually

Enable you to do everything in FREE tier plus:

  • High-resolution exports in multiple formats
  • Unlimited projects, sharing, and presenting
  • Request for customized assets
  • Trending template drops
  • Opt-in experimental features
  • Designer on demand service ($$)
  • Brand coach on demand service ($$)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • In Development
  • Directly generate AI-art
  • Upload and custom face swap
  • Design contracts to help with your design
  • Create your own templates
  • Export your design to tools (3d wrapping, etc)
  • Connect your avatar to COOLAB
  • AI-recommend templates per use case
  • link shortening + custom links
  • cloud storage
  • analytics
  • Role management/workspace
  • version control
  • private/hidden folders
  • mass upload
  • no watermarks (??)
  • extended download types (download into multiple formats)
  • upload brand assets to convert into coolab
  • privacy controls


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coolab.ai?

Coolab.ai is a free-to-use online graphic design app focused on democratizing new mediums, tools, high style templates, and 2D/3D graphics powered by AI. Use it to create social media posts, ads, presentations, posters, merch and more without expensive software. Design training is 100% optional.

What is coolab.ai?

Coolab.ai is a great fit for any user! No matter whether you are a designer, marketer, agency owner, influencer, content creator, ecommerce store owner, or a student, we just want to make design cool (and often beautiful), easy, and seamless for you.

Are there any terms for use?

Don't be a jerk. Don't use our tools to make images that could inflame, upset, or cause drama. That includes gore and adult content. See our full terms of use here at coolab.ai/pages/termsandconditions

Do users have to pay or create an account?

Nope. We want our app to be free to use, so get crazy and start designing! You will be surprised of you are capable of designing.

How can I maximize coolab.ai to my advantage?

Becoming a paid member and supporting us will get you some extra privileges and benefits that you can check out here coolab.ai/premium.

How does coolab.ai help me design?

We support over 100,000+ different design templates, assets, and fonts that can all be used to push the limits of your creativity. Try it out today and get started here coolab.ai/features by checking out some of our templates now!

I want to use some of the designs I created for print purposes!

After you create your design, you are free to download it in several file formats that may suit your needs. Just click that download button.