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Art-inspired, genre-based, human-curated and AI powered platform

Templates that inspire

Many templates feature repetitive elements

Allows users to request custom design templates based on their brand’s need for a fee

Request custom designs

Does not entertain any custom requests

Provides on-demand design help for a fee

On-demand design support

Feature not offered

Top-quality designs that rival those produced by the world’s leading design studios

Web3 ready

Its focus is geared toward corporate enterprises to compete with Microsoft Designer

Unmatched designs, all without subscription fees. All free, forever

No premium templates

More than half of their template library is locked behind a paywall

Visually stunning asset library of AI generated images, all free

Curated library of assets

Dated stock images

Offers both background removal and resizing functions for free

Helpful tools

Background removal and resizing function for paid users only

AI copywriter trained on a vast amount of persuasive and promotional data

AI copywriter at your service

Magic Write AI powered content generation tool

See the features we provide you and your brand offers a sophisticated platform that integrates professionally designed templates with AI-generated tools powered by GPT. Our platform empowers individuals, both designers, and non-designers, to create exceptional designs and content for all media platforms and other applications. No more overused templates, and all creative visuals are free to use.

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Canva does not entertain any custom requests because it is a mass machine. allows users to request exclusive custom design templates based on their brand's needs for a fee. Access this feature via any of our design genres with a turnaround time of 48 hours. Or users can use our soon-to-released generative design tools directly from a brief.

It is worth noting that more than half of Canva's template library is not free of charge, which can be frustrating when the slightly better templates are only available for a fee. In contrast, is committed to providing an unmatched free design experience. Our platform offers a range of high-quality design templates complemented by world-class AI-generated art, all without subscription fees. All free. Forever.

Helpful tools, state of the art AI content generator, stunning AI images, and more. All free. Always.

Canva offers easy-to-use drag-and-drop features, while has an accessible and advanced mode depending on the user's skills. makes things as easy as possible and even provides on-demand design help for a small fee whenever you are stuck creatively or in a time crunch.

Trusted by individuals and teams at the world’s most creative companies

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